Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alles auf Anfang? / Starting over?

Ihr Lieben,

zwei Jahre sind nun mittlerweile vergangen, seitdem ich in das Land der Tausend Seen geflüchtet bin. Einen fröhlichen Eskapismus wollte ich betreiben, wie es Festivalbesucher so gerne formulieren. Vieles, eigentlich alles, lief anders als geplant, leider.

In der Zeit seit meiner Rückkehr ist eine Menge geschehen. Ich habe gute Freunde aus den Augen verloren, zum Teil jedoch wiedergefunden. Einige Freundschaften haben sich intensiviert, andere sind zerbrochen. Menschen, von denen ich dachte, sie würden für alle Ewigkeit eine bedeutende Rolle in meinem Leben spielen, stellten sich als ungeahnte Enttäuschungen heraus. Greendays "hurricane of fucking lies" ist also mal wieder allgegenwärtig.

Andere wiederum, standen mir in jeder Situation bedingungslos zur Seite und haben mich trotz aller Widrigkeiten stets unterstützt. Dafür möchte ich mich an dieser Stelle von Herzen bedanken. Jene Freundschaften sind dafür verantwortlich, dass ich unzählige Enttäuschungen, Lügen, Verletzungen und das bedenkenlose Ausnutzen meiner Zuneigung überstehen konnte.

Doch alles hat seinen Zweck, denn so weiß ich nun, wer wirklich zu mir steht und wem ich vertrauen kann. Ich habe gelernt, Menschen, die mir nicht gut tun, hinter mir zu lassen. Das war nicht immer leicht, doch sehr wohl eine wichtige Lektion. Mit dieser "lesson learned" geht es mir bedeutend besser. Ich werde stets mit aller Kraft, die ich aufbringen kann, für meine Freunde kämpfen, doch ich werde keinen Phantomen mehr nachjagen. Es gibt keinen Weg zurück. Die Würfel sind gefallen, die Rollen neu verteilt.

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say."
Ursprünglich war dieser Blog für meinen Auslandsaufenthalt eröffnet worden. Nun möchte ich ihn, trotz meiner Heimkehr, weiterführen und hin und wieder nutzen, um spezielle Erlebnisse, Gedanken, verrückte Ideen, Bilder oder kurz: den ganz normalen Wahnsinn mit euch zu teilen. Aus diesem Anlass habe ich meinem Blog ein neues Design verpasst. Der nächste Eintrag wird spätestens nach meinem garantiert übertrieben genialen Mallorca-Urlaub mit meiner lieben Schwesterfrau Jazzy Jay erfolgen! Ihr dürft gespannt sein.

Alles Gute,



Dear friends,

now almost two years went by since I left to the Land of thousand lakes. I wanted to live a happy escapism as festival visitors would say. However, many things, actually everything to be honest, went different as planned. Unfortunately.

After my return from Tampere many things happened. I lost sight of good friends but found them again partially. Some friendships have become more intensive, others shattered. People that played such an important part in my life have appeared being unexpected disappointments. Greendays "hurricane of fucking lies" is ever-present again.

Others have always supported me no matter what happened. For that I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those friendships are responsible to stand countless dissappointments, lies and exploitations.

Nevertheless, everything has its purpose so I recognized who is a real friend and whom to trust. I have learned to leave people behind who don't do good on me. It hasn't been easy but for me it's been an important lesson. I really feel much better now. I'll always fight for my friends with all the power I can bring up but I won't run after somebody anymore. There's no way back. The die is cast, parts changed.

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say."
Originally this blog has been released to follow my exchange abroad. Now I'd like to use it every now and then to share special experiences, thoughts, crazy ideas and pictures. For that reason I've redesigned my blog. Next entry will follow after my fantastic off-jetting to Mallorca with my dear sisterwife Jazzy Jay at the latest. Be excited!

Take care,


Monday, August 30, 2010

Between the times

Moi ystävät,

now some days went by and lots of things happened here.

The school just started and last week were the orientations. First two days were not too spectacular since there were only some speeches and campus introductions. We got some information about planned trips to e. g. Stockholm and Saint Petersburg. Unfortunately I can't take part in the Stockholm trip which is held on 12th of September where I'm gonna be in Berlin.

On Wednesday a bus sightseeing trip was organised by TAMK to get a first impression of Tampere city. It was quite nice too see different places but the guide was talking her head off so it was a bit exhausting. We also went into a church and visited a very beautiful lake nearby.

On Thursday was the first big exchange party in a club called "Onnela". Before we went there I took part in "Bubi Rundi" (or Pub Crawl) with Emil (my tutor) and Carolina (his other tutoree) which was very funny. We had to go to 10 (!!) different bars and in every bar you could have a drink at a low price. Actually I haven't managed to finish 10 drinks but of course the Finns did. :D As you can imagine after several Beers, Salmiakki, Caribbean Pussy (!), Lonkero and Cider we were a bit... well. No need to continue this sentence. ;) After that we went to Onnela. Even though we had already bought the entrance tickets we had to wait in the queue and it has been sooo freakin cold already. The music in the club was...well... marginal.. but okay. Probably I was not drunk enough to stand it. :D After that night I had a really bad day since I got the fever and headache so I stayed in bed the whole Friday. the way..we also went to the Moomin museum on Thursday...this was too cute. And we visited the ALKO store...these state-owned alcohol stores...the only place where you can buy all the booze you want. The prices are really high. A bottle of sparkling wine costs around 7 Euros. (at least the cheapest one)

On Saturday we went to Särkänniemi, this adventure park here in Tampere. It was cold, it was raining but we had lots of fun there! Rollercoasters and dolphin show, fireworks and Uniklubi (a finnish-speaking band) live. We spent there around 9 hours and after that we were done with everything. :D

Today I had my first Finnish lesson and I've actually found an intermediary course taught in English. However, the teacher spoke almost only in Finnish and explained only grammar and stuff in English. I can proudly say that I understood almost everything. :)

That's been my time in Tampere so far. I'm quite tired so it's not too much text right now.

I'm enjoying everything here and looking forward to all the forthcoming activities.

Best wishes,


Friday, August 20, 2010

Hyvä matkustaja...

Heippa hei tytöt ja pojat, :)

here my first blog post from Tampere City.

I had a very smooth trip two days ago and everything went very well. The aircraft was quite small and actually there were only 15-20 people inside... quite empty and a lot of room for me. :)

In Helsinki I had problems to find the platform where the express bus leaves so I asked a Finnish woman. It was pure luck since she orginally comes from Finland but currently living in Frankfurt so she spoke German very well. She helped my by asking a bus driver in Finnish where the bus goes to Tampere and some minutes later the bus came. The trip took approx. 2,5 hours and then I finally arrived. Then Karolina (the substitute of my tutor Emil, who wasn't in Tampere at this time) picked me up with the school car (Yes, the TAMK has own cars!) and drove me and another girl from Latvia to Lukonmäki. I got my keys and the survival kit (a box that includes bed linen, dishes and so on) then we went to a super market nearby to buy basic stuff. The prices are quite high since a bottle of water for example costs around 2,30 Euros. As you probably know in Germany you can buy it for 20 Cents.

During my trip the most common Finnish words in plane and bus were "Hyvä matkustaja" - Dear passengers... And then they told something about arrival times, security instructions and so on. Some things I understood even though they talked quite fast. :)

After my arrival I called Sonja, another German girl that I met on StudiVZ, and we went together with a third German girl (Annika) to Keskustori. (Translated: Central Market). There we met two Spanish girls - Ciés and Bea. We talked a bit and after that we went home because we all where incredibly tired. Poor Ciés didn't have her luggage these days since it was still in Madrid. So she had no clothes and no bed linen the first night. Fortunately today she got it. :)

Yesterday I picked up Sonja at the UTA (University of Tampere) where she attends the Erasmus Intensive Learning Course (EILC) - a Finnish course for exchange students. Then we went to R-Kioski, a small shop very you can buy drinks, magazines and the most important: phone cards. I bought it and the operator is called Saunalahti. I've already mailed you my new phone number. The German one is still valid but I won't use it here. So just use the Finnish one please. :)

After that we went to Keskustori again where we picked up Ciés and Bea and went to an office where we bought a month ticket. It costs 30 Euros for people under 25. Lucky me I'm still 24. :D It was quite funny since it's been like in a job centre. You have to draw a number and wait until the number is shown on the display. In Finland this is very common.

After that me and Sonja went to IKEA to buy different stuff, e. g. curtains, a sheet, a broom, scented candles (of course :P) and some other things. Fortunately I can use my Sparkassen-Card to pay here. We had lots of fun there even though this IKEA was in the middle of nowhere at the end station of the bus line 3.

Going by bus in Finland is a real adventure. There's nobody who tells you at which station you're and there's also no display that shows it. So you have to look carefully when you have to get out, otherwise you'll be somewhere else. :D Another important thing is that you have to wave your hand when you wait at the bus station. If you don't do that the bus won't stop and you have to wait another half an hour for the next one. The busses here in Lukonmäki, where I live, go every 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the time. The strange thing is that if you go by bus at night you have to pay another 2,50 € even though you do have a month ticket. It's a night fee between 0 and 4 o clock. So either you have to party all night long or you go home early. During the weeks the last bus leaves at 23:30 and the first one at 4 o clock. At the weekend the busses leave every hour all night long.

On my first day my flat was empty so I had some time for my own. Yesterday a french girl arrived and she seems to be very nice. Let's see when the other girls will arrive. The flat is quite okay. My view out of the window is great... There are only trees and nobody can look into my window. Yaay! I've already decorated a bit but still have to do lots of things. I'll take photos as soon as I've finished it. :)

Today I'll meet a girl from Greece to go down town to buy some stuff and I also want to go to LIDL with Sonja... and hopefully tonight we will finally have our first drink. Day 3 in Finland and I haven't been to any pub yet.

That's it so far. School starts on Monday and I don't know much what will happen there excluding time and room. :)

The exchange started...



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The day before...

Hey folks,

now the time has come. Tomorrow I'm flying to my dear Finland. Hope, everything will work smoothly and the travel won't be that exhausting.

I'll let you know as soon as I arrived!

Näkemiin Berliini!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Farewell party and travel route

Hey guys,

now the farewell party is done as well. It was a pleasure to have all of my friends around me and celebrate together. Thank you very much for coming and also for your amazing presents!! :) I'm very delighted.

Some impressions for the people who couldn't be there:

So there are only 2 weeks left and so much paperwork to do. For those who still don't know where Tampere is - here's a map for you:

Tampere is around 170 km from Helsinki away. I will fly from Berlin-Tegel to Helsinki at 10:10 and land at 13:10. Then I'll take the Express Bus from Helsinki Airport to Tampere at 15:20 and finally arrive at 17:50. Let's see if whole thing will turn out well. So think of me on 18th of August. :)

What else can I write? My tutor sent me an email last week. His name is Emil and he will help me during my stay in Tampere. He told me that actually nobody knows anything about the Welcome Package even though on the TAMK website you can find the following sentence: "After your both home university and TAMK have approved your exchange, you will receive an official confirmation letter and an information package from TAMK." Maybe this is a relict of former times. ;)

I'll let you know as soon as I've received new information. Stay tuned!

The dream comes true.

Take care,


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More information on my room in Lukonkruuti

Hei ystävät, (Hello friends)

hope you're all doing fine and enjoying the great hot summer.

I have received new information on my appartment in Tampere. It consists of 4 rooms and I have to share it with 3 other girls. The flat has about 80 m² and my room approximately 20 m². I think that is quite big for a single room. So there's enough space for you, my dear visitors! :D AND it is a shared appartment, so bathroom and kitchen are inside and not on the floor. That's quite promising. It seems that in addition to the bathroom there's also a single toilet room in the flat that you can use when someone else is taking a shower. Quite nice!!

Here's a plan of the corridors C and D of the dormitory. My flat is probably the one on the left. (Corridor C, 4 rooms, 83.5 m²)

Click here

Some necessary Finnish vocabulary:

H = huone = room
K = keittiö = kitchen
ET = eteinen = entry, hall
WC = toilet room
KH = kylpyhuone = bathroom

I'm still waiting for the official letter of acceptance by TAMK and the welcome package. My international office sent them an email yesterday and TAMK answered that I'll get the letter by the end of this week. Hooray! Finally. :) Then I can give notice to all of my contracts and apply for "Auslandsbafög". Hope everything will turn out well and I'll get the money in time. Incredible - only 6 weeks to go!

Don't forget the farewell party on 31st of July!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday party and blog updates

Hi guys,

on Friday I celebrated my 24th birthday and it was a totally great party. Since the weather was also very nice we first went to the Isle of Youth - same procedure as every year. We were sitting at the Spree and had few drinks and enjoyed the sun. Later we went to my place to continue the party. I also had three Finnish girls there, who really loved to take part in a German party. They all study at my university this term and I'm the tutor of one of them. I got a bottle of Salmiakki, some Finnish licorice booze, and a Finnish weekend, probably with "mökki ja sauna" (summer cottage and sauna :D). I'm really looking forward to that. It's a great present!!

The party ended up in a funny drinking game session. First we played Limbo and Bob, our all-time Limbo winner, lost his position since the Finnish girls Martta and Tuulia are high-talented Limbo dancers. In the end Martta won the competition. After that we played "Bums" - this game where a group of people sitting on the floor in a circle and counting but the numbers that include a 7 or can be divided through 7 must be left out. Instead of it you have to say "Bums" and change the counting direction. Since the game was not confusing enough we started to play the ultimate "hand game". Don't know if there exist a special name for it. The group is sitting on the floor in a circle again and everyone has to put his right hand next to the left hand of his neighbour and upside down. Then one starts to knock his hand on the floor. After that it's his neighbour's turn till someone knocks twice. In this case the direction has to be changed. The loser has to drink vodka or something else bottom up. It was quite confusing and Bob ended up in drinking half or more of a vodka bottle (and was quite wasted in the end). Anyway, this barbecue party was a great one. Thank you for coming and the very nice presents!! :)

I have updated some blog preferences. The most important one is probably the option that you can now comment on all of my post without registering to the blog. Just fill in your name and email address so that I know who's posting. :) Hope you all do it regularly! :P

Time is running out. Less than 2 months to go till Tampere.


Sylvi :)